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Megan and Jenny Healy as 12-year-olds.

Twin Diaries is the prequel to originate from Double Trouble, and was created and written by Maryam Wells. Published by Xilbris Publishing. 12-year-old identical twins Megan and Jenny Healy are subject to the trials and tribulations of school, family, friends, and boys, while causing trouble in middle school. The series covers the twins' 7th and 8th grade from 2004 to 2006.


12-year-old identical twins Megan and Jenny Healy are subject to the trials and tribulations of school, family, friends, and boys, while causing trouble in middle school. The series covers the twins' 7th and 8th grade from 2004 to 2006.

Main CharactersEdit

Megan Healy is the elder twin, born two minutes before Jenny. She loves gossip, boys, and fashion. She rivals with Dori Wallace for popularity and boys. She usually ends up concocting ridiculous schemes and drags Jenny along with her. Megan plays on the girls' soccer team with her friends, Ashley Wagner and Lisa Wu and sister, Jenny. Billy Gellar is her constant love interest throughout the series. She also likes pop and R&B music. Her favorite color is purple.

Jenny Healy is the complete opposite of her twin; she is a hardworking, uptight, and studious environmentalist and human rights activist. She likes to concentrate on her school work and spend time with her friends. Jenny plays on the girls' soccer team with her friends, Ashley and Lisa and sister, Megan. She writes for her school's newspaper. Jenny always helps Megan out of her problems. She's often referred to as the reliable, more serious twin. Max Dillard is her constant love interest throughout the series. Dori is her and Megan's enemy. Like her twin, Jenny loves pop and R&B music and her favorite color is pink.

They are both equally popular. They're described as having shoulder-length brown hair with bangs and brown eyes.

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Dr. Nathan Healy - The twins' father, also a lawyer.
  • Tess Healy - The twins' mother, a beautician.
  • Ashley Wagner - Megan and Jenny's best friend; Ashley and Megan are on the school's fashion club.
  • Lisa Wu - Megan and Jenny's other best friend; Lisa and Jenny are on the girls' soccer team.
  • Marvin Dilton - Leawood Middle School geek who has a major crush on the twins.
  • Dori Wallace - The school's queen bee who bullies the twins and their friends. She was first introduced in Twin Diaries as the first enemy of Erin and Michelle. Dori has been doing her best to wreck the twins' life and those who dare attach themselves to her. For example, Dori was the one who nicknamed Megan Healy #1 and Jenny Healy #2. Dori isn't liked very much by many kids but loved by adults.
  • Billy Gellar - He is a charming, manipulative skateboarder; lazy and not a good student and always looking for the easy way out. He had a crush on Jenny, despite her not showing the same feelings as him. He is best friends with Marvin.
  • Max Dillard - Billy's best friend, who, although not generally awkward as Marvin, became quite shy around girls; a good student, especially in math and history but sometimes gets into conflict with Billy.


7th Grade for 2004-2005 school year.Edit

# Title Author Publisher Date
1 Twin Diaries (Book) Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan finds out the older, 9th grade boy she had told Jenny about, Scott, has transferred to Leawood Middle School, and she tries to keep up the charade that she too is in the 8th grade. 
2 The Flunky Twin Maryam Wells Hyperion
When Megan struggles to learn 7th grade math, Jenny tutors her. In an attempt to brush off the teacher's pet persona, Jenny tries to be more cool. 
3 Adventures in Housesitting Maryam Wells Hyperion
While Lisa and her family are on vacation, Megan and Jenny are in charge of caring for the house. But trouble arises when Megan lets Billy and his friends use the house for their music video--during a rainstorm, that destroys the furniture.
4 The Classic Poem Maryam Wells Hyperion
Jenny is spending a lot of time with Max Dillard, a shy poet in her creative writing class, causing concern for Megan (Who has a crush on Max) and Dori (Who has a crush on Max). To stop Michelle and Max from going to poetry night at House of Java, Megan and Dori team up make it look like Jenny copied her poem from the internet. Only for Megan to find out that Dori plans to humilate Jenny. Can Megan stop her? 
5 Dissection Connection Maryam Wells Hyperion
Jenny refuses to do the science class's frog dissection. Megan gets into trouble when she secretly orders a handbag for Ashley's party over the Internet using her mother's credit card without permission.
6 The Bully Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan and Jenny encourage nerdy Marvin Dilton to stand up to bully Deke Simmons, who has his eye on Ashley.
7 Boy Trouble Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan finds out the older, 9th grade boy she had told everyone he was with at summer camp, Keith, has transferred to Leawod Middle School, and she tries to keep up the charade that she too is in the 9th grade.
8 Bowling Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan and Jenny enter a bowling tournament against the reigning Rocky Lanes champ Dori Wallace. 
9 Lisa Lu Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan and Jenny are desperate to make some money for their field trip to the movies to see Fastlanes. To do this, they put Lisa's handmade jewelry on the shopping show on the Public-access television channel. 
10 Costume Party Maryam Wells Hyperion
Jenny gets jealous when Max asks Dori to the Costume Party at Ashley's House. Megan advises Jenny to flirt with a boy to make Max jealous. Max doesn't like it when Jenny is paying attention to other guys. Max and Jenny argue while shopping for costumes for a party and the two walk away angry. Jenny realizes she falling for Max.
11 The Big Storm Maryam Wells Hyperion
A school dance takes a terrible turn when a big rainstorm traps everyone in the school gym; Megan and Jenny fight over Max whom Jenny likes, but who asks Megan to a dance instead.
12 Last Day Maryam Wells Hyperion
Max tries to make up with Jenny; Megan is forced to go to summer school instead of going to Malibu.

8th Grade for 2005-2006 school year.Edit

# Title Author Publisher Date
1 8th Grade Maryam Wells Hyperion
The twins start their last year of middle school; Erin has a huge crush on Billy.
2 Boyz 4ever Comes to Town Maryam Wells Hyperion
When Boyz 4ever comes to Santa Mira for a music video shoot, Megan, Jenny, Lisa, and Ashley plan to sneak into the shoot to meet them; Megan wants to kiss Boyz 4ever member Jalen.
3 Makeover Maryam Wells Hyperion
Dori challenges the twins to makeover a shy nerdy artist.
4 Sibling Rivalry Maryam Wells Hyperion
Tired of being mistaken for her twin, Megan decides to shed her twin image and be different; Jenny wonders what was wrong with Megan.
5 Angie's Crisis Maryam Wells Hyperion
Angela gives up dating after her relationship falls apart; Rather than being honest, Jenny tries to avoid getting into a fight with Megan.
6 Volunteering Maryam Wells Hyperion
Jenny volunteers at the student store with arch-nemesis, Dori, while Megan volunteers at a retirement home.
7 Cheating No Good Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan is accused of cheating on a pop quiz.
8 Valentine's Day Maryam Wells Hyperion
Someone is leaving love notes for Jenny; Billy struggles to ask Megan to the Valentine's day party.
9 Game Day Maryam Wells Hyperion
The twins is shocked when Dori joins the soccer team; Megan and Billy spends time together at lunch.
10 Grandma Trouble Maryam Wells Hyperion
Grandma Elyse visits the twins, and become overbearring. The twins start eighth grade spirit week at school.
11 Dance Fever Maryam Wells Hyperion
Max is torn between asking ex-girlfriend, Dori and current girlfriend, Jenny to the eighth grade dance; Billy cleans up his image to impress Mean; Lisa announces that she is moving to Japan.
12 Goodbye Middle School Maryam Wells Hyperion
The twins' graduate from Leawood Middle School; Jenny is crushed when she learns that she and Max are going to two different high schools.



  • To Catch a Thief - Ashley is accused of a jewelry theft after someone's necklace was stolen. Erin and Michelle try to prove it wasn't her, but they end up crashing a a Dori's birthday party, for which they get punished. When twins overhear the real thieves talking about heading up to the school gym, the twins, Ashley, and Lisa all set a trap to catch the real thief.
  • Photographic Evidence - Michelle unknowingly takes pictures of a bank robbery in progress that end up being the only clues to catch the crooks.
  • Strange things are happening at Santa Mira Middle School as twins, Erin and Michelle helps plan a Halloween dance.

Holiday EditionsEdit

  • Not-So Wonderful Life - While Christmas shopping, Michelle really snaps at Erin for accidentally breaking an expensive crystal ornament. She fumes that she wishes she wasn't a twin.

TV SeriesEdit

Main article: Twin Diaries (TV series). A TV series based on Twin Diaries ran for three seasons. It starred real-life twins Elizabeth and Mariam Tovey as Erin and Michelle Healy respectively. The twins also modeled for later editions of the book covers.

There were some notable differences between the television series and the books. Also while the books are classified in the romance, or fantasy/adventure genres, the television series was played out more light-hearted and comedic. The show was made into a sit-com in the tradition of Saved By The Bell more than anything else and most of the characters were made into silly comic-relief.

Only Season One of the show made it to DVD.