Troy Marino is a fictional character in the Double Trouble: All Grown Up series. He is the husband of Jenny Healy, the father to Phoebe, Sophie, and Nathan Marino and is a lawyer and prominent firm in Los Angeles.

Character ProfileEdit

Troy Marino (born 1974) is a Los Angeles lawyer at a prestigous law firm. He is the father of two girls: Phoebe and Sophie and the husband of the mother of his daughters, Jenny Healy. He first met Jenny in Double Trouble: The Reunion, when he gets into a conflict with her twin sister, Megan over a car accident. Thinking that she was Megan, Troy took his frustrations out on Jenny. But when he found out Jenny was Megan's twin, he apologizes to her. Then Jenny became attractive to Troy, much to her sister's annoyance. One night, at Troy's place, Troy asked how was Jenny much different than Megan.

Double Trouble: All Grown Up seriesEdit


  • He made his first appearance in Double Trouble: The Reunion, then went on to being the secondary character in the All Grown Up series.
  • Troy is a lawyer from Los Angeles.
  • He has three children with Double Trouble character, Jenny Healy.
  • In the series, he often shortens people's names with nicknames -
    • Megan "Megs"
    • Jenny "Jen"
    • Phoebe "Pheebs"
    • Sophie "Soph"
    • Jessica "Jess"
  • He has two sisters, Vicki and Jessica and three brothers, James, Larry, and Andrew.