The relationship between twin siblings Terri and Stephanie Dilton began in the series, Double Trouble: The New Sisters.

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The Hale Sisters

General Information
Intimacy Level Siblings (twins), Best Friends, Bandmates.

Sibling HistoryEdit


  • Terri and Stephanie were the second set of Double Trouble twins in the franchise. The first set are the Healy sisters, Megan and Jenny.
  • Stephanie is three seconds older than Terri. 
  • They both kissed Jay though only Stephanie had a relationship with him.
  • They both had a TB scare.
  • They both are fans of Megan Healy, an actress, whom their parents went to high school with. 
  • They're both are singers, their music genre, Pop, dance, Teen pop.
  • They were both self-conscious about their bodies: Stephanie was self-conscious about her weight which made her develop Anorexia Nervosa in - and Terri was self-conscious about her breast size which made her decide to stuff in -.
  • They're both shown wearing nameplate necklaces. "Stephanie" and "Terri".
  • Their relationship is similar to the relationship of Double Trouble twins, Megan and Jenny.
  • They have both seen Jay naked.
  • They both love wearing denim jackets.
  • Stephanie is on good terms with Terri's ex-boyfriend, Keith.
  • They both lost their virginities in high school.
  • They're both shown wearing "Sisters Forever" necklaces. Stephanie wore the "Sisters" necklace, while Terri wore "Forever" necklace.