Stacie Cooper is fictional character in the Double Trouble series. She is the best friend of both the Healy Twins, Megan and Jenny.


Stacie Cooper is the best friend of Megan and Jenny Healy. She is known for her quirky personality. Like the twins, Stacie also dislikes Sage McConnell, the Queen Bee at Leawood High School. She was first portrayed as a straight-laced, innocent Christian girl, but became a bubbly, happy-go-lucky, naïve girl.

Double TroubleEdit

In the first DT episode, Stacie Cooper quickly became friends with twin sisters, Megan and Jenny Healy on their first day at Leawood High School. She showed them a tour around the school

In Slumber Party, Stacie attend a sleepover at Megan and Jenny's house, along with Laurie. All of the girls get scared when the neighborhood experiences a blackout.

In Pom-Pom Divas, Stacie was asked by Megan and Jenny to join their new cheer squad, Spirit Squad, to compete with Santa Mira High's varsity squad, led by Queen Bee, Sage McConnell. Stacie was seen at Megan and Jenny's house discussing the new uniforms for the C-Squad.

In School Wars, Stacie didn't approve of Megan's new relationship with cutie Matt Edwards because he attended Bardell High (a rival high school of Leawood's). In chapter 5, both girls are at the cheerleading competition with their team.

In chapter 6, Stacie tells Megan that Jenny is skipping cheer practice to hang out with Paul.


  • In Senior Year, Jenny mentions to Megan that Stacie moved away.
  • In --, Megan and Jenny compare their new friend Chelsea Owens to Stacie.

Appearance & StyleEdit

Stacie can be described as a bubbly, perky, and pretty girl. According to Sage McConnell, she can also be described as somewhat of a "Freaky Barbie", this is due to her physical appearance. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. As for her style, she often wears colorful clothing, whether it's a blouse, skirt, or shorts.

Stacie had changed her hair twice during the series. From Seasons 9-12, Jenna had long straight hair. Starting in Season 13, Jenna's hair was curly.


  • Stacie appeared in -- episodes.
  • Her father is a college professor and her mother is a spinal surgeon.
  • She was a varsity soccer player at Leawood High.
  • She is a fan of the show, Star Trek: Deep Space 12.
  • Stacie, Ashley, Chelsea, and Lisa Wu were close friends with the Healy twins.
  • Her favorite color is sky blue.
  • It's currently unknown whether she's still in Seattle or not.
  • She, Sage McConnell, Ashley Wagner, and Courtney Townsend are the only female characters to be blonde.