Senior Year is the first episode of Double Trouble: The Final Year.

Book SummaryEdit

The twins are seniors! New friends, new teachers, new enemies. But the same old trouble.

Megan and Jenny Healy start their senior year at Leawood High, by putting the fire and their breakups behind them. But things take a turn when students from Bardell High start transferring to Santa Mira due to overcrowding. Jenny is all of a sudden attracted to Ethan Ford and she befriends Chelsea Owens. Will the new kids adapt to their new surroundings? Will sparks fly between Ethan and Jenny?

As Megan attempts to put her break up with Matt behind her, she can't stop thinking about her kiss with her sister's ex-fiancee. She feels guilty for smooching Jenny's ex. Will Megan tell Jenny about the kiss?




Chapter 1