Senior Switch Day is the eleventh book of the Double Trouble: The Final Year series by Maryam Wells, published by Xlibris Publishing.
Senior Switch Day

Megan on the left (Wearing Jenny's Shirt) and Jenny on the right (Wearing Megan's tank).

Senior Switch Day is mostly about the twins switching places during one of Leawood High's senior activies.

Megan and Jenny are featured on the book cover. Megan is wearing Jenny's clothes on one side and Jenny is wearing Megan's clothes on the other side.


The Old Switcheroo

Megan Healy and Dean Cameron are now the cutest couple of the Leawood High's senior class. They're planning to spend time together on Senior Ditch Day. But Megan has way too many absences and has skipped a few class since senior year started, she promised her parents she wasn't going to miss another day of class for the rest of the senior year. When she started to suspect that Dean's two-timing her. Megan must find out what's he doing, she convinces her identical twin sister, Jenny to switch places with her, so Jenny can pose as Megan for school and Megan can masqurade as her twin to follow Dean. The two switch places in the girls' locker room near the P.E. office. After switching clothes, Megan goes to the twins' car with their classmates for senior ditch day, as Jenny and Jenny stays in school as Megan. During the switch, Megan leaves the gang at the beach and drives to the Leawood Mall to find Dean, back at school, Jenny learns that Megan is thinking about going to New York to becoming a fashion model instead of going to college.


  • This is the second time the twins used the "Twin Switch" game in the series. The first was Twin Diaries episode when they switched for Megan's date during the Leawood Middle School bowl-a-thon.
  • It is revealed that Megan applied to the Los Angeles Academy of Preforming Arts instead of going with her sister to California University at Los Angeles.