Room 101 is Erin and Michelle dorm room at Brentwood.

First ArcEdit

In the first arc room 101 is introduced. Twin sisters Erin and Michelle Healy and Stacie Cooper are roommates. Room 101 is in Butler Hall in this season.

Second ArcEdit

Dominique Irwin moves to the building next door to Room 101. In the second arc, the twins and Stacie Cooper move to room 101 is in Brenner Hall.

Third ArcEdit

In the third and final arc, the twins roommate is Chelsea Owens. In these seasons, room 101 is in Fulton Hall.

Notable EventsEdit

  • Tiana Park transfers to Santa Mira High in Pom-Pom Divas. She is Korean-American. She was responsible for the Cheer Wars between Santa Mira and Lancaster.
  • When some Lancaster students transferred to Santa Mira High due to overcrowding, it unsettled some of the Santa Mira students because of the school war.
  • Matt Edwards began a romance with Megan Garrison during the school war in Spring 1999.
  • Courtney Townsend started a conflict with Santa Mira senior, Megan Garrison in 1999, after she starts a relationship with Courtney's ex-boyfriend, Dean Cameron.