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The twins tryout for Leawood High's Cheer Squad to help Megan land a date with Jack Wheeler, but they are shocked to find out the captain is Sage McConnell. She has had an vendetta on the twins since they got her friend and former Queen Bee, Sara Manning kicked out of Leawood for vandalism. Sage accepts a few girls into their squad, but Megan and Jenny didn't get in. Refusing to quit, the twins cooked up an idea, by making their squad and recruit their friend, Stacie and challenges Sage to a Cheer Battle. If the twins win they will get on the squad and if Sage wins, the twins have to stay away from Jack Wheeler for good. Will the twins beat Sage at her own game?

More InformationEdit

Megan and Jenny pose on the cover in LHS cheerleading uniforms, but their hairstyles are different so that readers could tell them apart, because their appearences and uniforms are identical.

Megan's hairstyle is a half-up and half-down while Jenny's is a plain ponytail.