Paul Porter is the fictional character in the Double Trouble series. He is the on-again, off-again boyfriend of Jenny Healy. Jenny's father, Nathan did not always like him, but their relationship improves over time. Gets along with her family for the most part, including her twin sister, Megan. Thought of as a tough guy, but can be quite sweet at times.


Paul's father walked out on him and his mother when he was a kid. He lives in a trailer park and helps his mother and grandmother, he also works as an mechanic. He is an honor student, he enrolls in classes at Leawood High, and meets both twins, Megan and Jenny, who are sophomores. Megan sees Paul as her dream guy, but he only has eyes for Jenny. Paul asks Jenny to marry him at Leawood's spring dance and she accepts, but the two broke up for good at the end of the twins' london vacation, causing Paul to leave Leawood and move to Moreno Valley for college. During the Earthquake, Paul kisses Jenny's twin-sister, Megan.


Paul is an attractive young man, with dark hair and brooding eyes. He often wears a leather jacket when goes to places. Many girls have a crush on him, even Erin Healy and boy-crazy Stacie Cooper.


  • Paul is mentioned in the Phoebe & Sophie episode The Kiss when Megan tells her niece Sophie, about her kiss with him.
  • During this second relationship with Jenny, Paul got a tattoo of Jenny's name on his right shoulder.
  • Paul was the only boyfriend of Jenny's and the former crush of Megan's to not be flirted by Sage McConnell. She crushed on Jack Wheeler (The twins' ex-boyfriend) and flirted with Cody Parker (Megan's former crush).
  • He was disliked by Jenny's friends, Marvin Dilton, Laurie Evans, Stacie Cooper, and Cody Parker. But they eventually warmed up to him.
  • Paul shares traits with two of Sweet Valley High characters:
    • He had on and off again relationships with a girl, who was a twin, like Todd Wilkins.
    • He had a rebel bad boy reputation like Devon Whitelaw, but Paul was much more softer.
  • During their third relationship with Jenny, she and Paul wore boyfriend and girlfriend bracelets. Jenny wear "Boyfriend" bracelet on her left wrist and Paul wore "Girlfriend" bracelet on his right wrist.
  • Paul was crushed on by Megan Healy, but he pursued Jenny, Megan's twin.
  • Paul and Jenny have had the most relationships in Double Trouble, as Jenny revealed they had six break ups, two of them in between chapters.


  • --, Michelle mentions to Chelsea that she still misses Paul and they barely communicate after their split.
  • In --, Erin mentions Paul to Dean on how she liked him, then dated her sister, and then kissed her during an earthquake.