The love triangle between Michelle Healy, Max Dillard, and Dori Wallace. Max was the center of the not-so love triangle. This love triangle began when Max took an interest in Michelle, who happens to be the rival of his ex-girlfriend, Dori.

Michelle-Max-Dori Love Triangle
General Information
Intimacy Level Crush (on Dori's side) (Max and Dori), Ex-Boyfriend/Ex-Girlfriend (Max and Jenny)
Love Triangle Started Unknown
Love Triangle Status resolved as of Bad Blood (2)

Love Triangle HistoryEdit


  • First love triangle of the DT franchise
  • All three of the kids graduated in the final episode of Twin Diaries.
  • Michelle's friends and her sister, Erin nicknamed this triangle as the Betty-Archie-Veronica triangle.
  • Dori tried to break Max and Michelle up.
  • Michelle and Dori are rivals.