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Megan vs. Sage is a rivarly between Megan Healy and Sage McConnell began when Megan and her sister, Jenny got Sage's best friend, Sara Manning expelled from Leawood High for vandalism, also since Megan joined

Rivalry ProfileEdit

In , Megan is shocked to know that her date, Toby is Sage's brother.

In , Sage starts a rumor that Megan cheated on a Geometry Quiz.


  • They were both captains of the Leawood High Cheer Squad and were on squad together before Sage went to a private school.
  • They both are popular, in their own way.
    • Megan is friendly and happy-go-lucky, while Sage is snobbish and stuck-up.
  • Sage revealed that her reason for hating Megan and her sister, Jenny was because they got Sage's friend, Sara Manning expelled from Leawood High after it was revealed that she was behind the vandalism at school, but she hasn't forgotten about it since.
  • Both girls were attracted to Jack Wheeler, but only Megan dated him.
  • Sage seems to be enemies with Megan's good friend, Stacie Cooper.
  • Megan often stood up for Marvin and Laurie whenever Sage insulted them.
  • Sage seems to dislike and bullied Megan's twin sister, Jenny.
  • Megan seems to have a dislike of Sage's friend, Sara Manning.