Matt and Megan

Intimacy Level

Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend (Sexual)

Relationship Began

School Wars

Relationship Status

Broken Up

The relationship between Megan Healy and Matt Edwards developed in the Junior Year arc of the Double Trouble series. 


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  • First Relationship
    • Start Up: School Wars Part 1
    • Break Up: The Big Shake-Up
      • Reason: Matt learns that Matt hooked up with her nemesis, Sage McConnell and the fact Megan was pregnant with Matt's baby.


  • This is the second serious relationship for Megan. The first was with Nick.
  • Although they're both juniors, Megan and Matt attended rival schools. Erin attended Leawood High and Matt attended Bardell High.
  • Megan was the second Healy twin to fall for an student from Bardell. Jenny was the first.
  • Megan's classmates disliked her relationship with Matt because he was from Bardell.
  • Megan ended things with Matt in The Big Shake-Up after discovering that Matt cheated on her with her enemy, Sage McConnell, also Matt bailed on Megan after she told him she was pregnant with his child.
  • For their six-month anniversary, Megan originally made Nick a homemade scrapbook.
  • They would frequently hang out and double date with Megan's twin, Jenny and Jenny's boyfriend, Paul Porter.
  • Their first kiss was in episode School Wars.


  • In You Got Me, Jenny mentions Megan's former relationship with Matt and how he "screwed her sister over" when he broke off their relationship together.