Marvin Dilton is the fictional character of the Double Trouble series.


Marvin is a nerdy awkward character who attends Leawood High. He was first introducted in the first book of the series. He is the boyfriend of Laurie Evans and they work on the school newspaper, The Odyssey. Although he becomes good friends with the Healy twins, Laurie developed an mutual dislike for them due to jealous over how pretty they are and thought they were like Queen Be, Sage McConnell. But they proved to be on good side, despite Megan constantly causing trouble and getting Jenny involved.

In the Storm episode, Marvin, Laurie, Stacie, and Jenny were trapped at school during a terrible rainstorm. Laurie was injured while being trapped inside the school. Fortunately, they escaped.

Post-Double TroubleEdit

Some time after graduated from high school, Marvin and Laurie got married and in 2011, they had twin girls (much to Laurie's shock). The eldest twin was named Stephanie and the youngest was named Theresa nicknamed Terri. They lived in Berkeley, California since.

Double Trouble: The New SistersEdit

In 2025, Marvin and Laurie move back to Leawood with their daughters after gets a job as reporter at the Leawood newspaper. He tries to convince Laurie to move into an house they had purchase after they found out the home was previously owned by the Healy family. Laurie eventually agreed to move in even though she was skeptical.


  • Marvin is the second nerdy character of the francise, the first was Elton Bates.
  • Marvin is the boyfriend of Laurie Evans.
  • Marvin Dilton is the second nerd to have a crush on the Healy twins, the first was Elton Bates.