Madison's Date Tips

Sometimes we don't know what to do if we have a date tonight .Well ...I tell you what to do to have a great date !


Wash your hair with a special shampoo and blow dry your hair. Curl you hair with a spirial curling iron.

Makeup & ClothesEdit

Wear natural look make up: Foundation: transparant natural and beige Lipstick: natural red (to go with your shade), party pink, or regular black Mascara: definetely Black! Blush: it's optional but if you wan't to use it just wear natural red-brown for pink tone and blush pink on green tone.

Clothes have to show your personality and make you feel comfertable.

Prefume Breath and Teeth

Remember choose the perfume that shows your personality .For a special date I think a soft smell would be perfect. Try JLo's Glow perfume, Hilary Duff's With Love, or Britney Spears's Curious.

For a fresh breath, don't forget to brush your teeth, or at least you've brushed your teeth earlier, pack either gum or breath strips in your purse. It might sounds silly but It's Important! You don't wan't to make your date uncomfertable with your breath. Especially if he would give you .....*KISSES."

Enjoy the date and Be You!

The last and the most Importan thing is JUST BE YOURSELF ! Have fun Okay !

Gotta go. Peace out!

Your pal, Madison Campbell!