This is a list of books in the Double Trouble series, created by Maryam Wells.

# Title Author Publisher Date
1 Double Trouble Maryam Wells Hyperion
This episode introduces Megan and Jenny Healy, 15-year-old identical twins from Leawood, California. Both girls are immediately attracted to their new neighbor, Jack Wheeler and just as quickly start competing for his attention. When Megan plays with dad's new Lexus, she accidently breaks the taillights and is in trouble.
2 Hot for a Teacher Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan and Jenny each falls for their substitute teacher and complete for his attention.
3 Dishonor Roll Maryam Wells Hyperion
Jenny makes the honor roll at school, while Megan needs to get an "A" on her upcoming history test or else she goes on academic probation. She overhears her parents discussing their kids and school and decides to make them proud of her by getting an A on her history test. On the day of the test, she blanks out and begs Jenny to take the test as her to make the grade.
4 Dueling Feet Maryam Wells Hyperion
The girls are selected to dance in The Lion King performance; Megan twists her ankle before the show.
5 Sealed With a Dis Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan is tired of being mistaken for Jenny, so she decides to be different by hanging out with the popular crowd.
6 Jack Makes the Grade Maryam Wells Hyperion
Jack is in danger of failing Ms. Cartwright's history class. He must get at least a "B" on the next test or he will kicked off the basketball team. Megan convince Jenny to tutor Jack and to her great surprise, she finds that she's attracted to him. Also, Megan does such a good job of styling Stacie's hair that they start their own hair-styling business. But business starts to go sour after they accidentally turn Marvin and Laurie's hair green!</span>
7 Slumber Party Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan and Jenny's first slumber party turns scary when Leawood is hit with a power outage.
8 Bad Hair Days Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan, Jenny, and Stacie get a makeover. Megan gets to join the "cool crowd." because she is transformed, leaving Jenny out in the cold, and Jenny was changed for the worse.
9 Which Twin Maryam Wells Hyperion
Thinking they are the same person, a basketball hunk inadvertently asks both twins for dates.
10 I'm Not Megan Maryam Wells Hyperion
Jenny falls and hits her head. After she wakes up, she becomes someone else entirely. Megan. Actually, more Megan doesn't like it.
11 The Actress Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan inadvertently steals the part of Cleopatra from Jenny, her understudy in a school play.
12 A Slight Case of Disaster Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan "borrows" Tess's Prada jacket for Best Dressed. But she lets Jenny borrows the jacket, with disastrous results. Jack takes an interest in Jenny.

Double Trouble diariesEdit

Double Trouble books from the second arc.Edit

# Title Author Publisher Date
1 Rebound Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Jenny and Stacie tries to find a new boyfriend for Megan. 
2 Raise the Roofies Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing November 1, 1985
Megan is tricked into drinking a date rape drug by a college guy, until Jenny drinks it. 
3 Megan, the Gossip Girl Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Jenny challenges Megan that she'll stop gossiping for one month.
4 Double Operation Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
As Jenny undergos a tonsils surgery, Megan attempts to tell her about Slumber Party Girls concert to cheer her up, but when Jenny's doctor suspects Megan may have a tonsil problem, both twins undergo surgery.
5 Mall Maniacs Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing November 1, 1986
Megan and Jenny find themselves having a crazy adventure at the mall.
6 A Perfect Megan Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing March 1, 1987
Feeling pressure to live up to an idealized standard as a dancer, Megan goes overboard on her dieting, endangering her health and worrying Jenny. Also, the TV show "Club Jam" is holding a dance contest at Leawood High. Jack asks Jenny to be his partner.
7 Thanksgiving in Hell Francine Pascal Xilbris Publishing July 13, 1999

A traditional Thanksgiving holiday at Grandma Elyse's becomes chaotic when the twins' grandparents from their parents' sides visits. The twins decide to slip out and explore the island, only to find themselves on a sail boat drifting out to sea.

8 The Beauty and the Rebel Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing August 10, 1999
When Megan falls for a new teammate on the boys basketball team at Leawood, Jack is less than thrilled. He and Jack don't get along. Also Jenny thinks he's bad news for her sister so she teams up with Jack to find out about his past, but there's more to this guy's story than it meets the eye. 
9 In Your Dreams Francine Pascal Xilbris Publishing July 13, 1999
Megan is freaked out by a bizarre dream in which she finds herself to be the object of her Marvin Dilton's affection. 

Double Trouble books from the third arcEdit

# Title Author Publisher Date
1 Bad Boy in Town Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Following Jack Wheeler's departure, Jenny
2 Love Triangle Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing November 1, 1985
Megan takes an interest in Paul, but he is much interested in Jenny. Leawood High is throwing a big Hawaii Dance.
3 Crazy Sibling Rivalry Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Megan and Jenny clash.
4 My Date with Cody Parker Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Megan's scheme to get a date has her trying to fill Jenny's shoes as a tutor for the captain of the football team, Cody Parker.
5 School Wars Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing November 1, 1986
A normal game between Leawood and Bardell turns into a big rivalry when Bardell students vandalize Leawood High; Megan falls for the quarterback for Bardell Cougars; Paul's behavior scares Jenny.
6 School Wars Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing March 1, 1987
Following the aftermath of the fight between the Leawood and Bardell football teams, Jenny and a student from Bardell decides to end the war; Megan receives a bad rep for dating Matt; Jenny breaks up with Paul following their fight.
7 Unknown Francine Pascal Xilbris Publishing July 13, 1999

No Information Available.

8 Teen Mom Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing August 10, 1999
Faced with an unplanned pregnancy, Jenny makes an unusual decision regarding her unborn child; the twins go to Los Angeles for a college field trip.
9 The Storm Francine Pascal Xilbris Publishing July 13, 1999
Jenny gets engaged to Paul; Matt cheats on Megan with Sage; A storm hits Leawood.