This is a list of books in the Double Trouble: Life in L.A. series, created by Maryam Wells. There are - books in total.


First Arc

# Title Author Publisher Date
1 If We Can Make It Here... Maryam Wells Hyperion
18 year old identical twin sisters, Megan and Jenny Healy start their new lives in Los Angeles, so they both can pursue different careers. Megan is pursuing a career in acting. Jenny has an opportunity to interview for a killer internship at Poise Magazine. It all seems like a writer's dream when Jenny gets the internship, they are both admitted to Los Angeles College. Megan tries to get auditions with an Talent Agency and a newly television studios.
2 Do You Believe in Magic? Maryam Wells Hyperion
As Jenny begins to take school and her internship more seriously, Megan gets a job as an assistant to Gordo The Great.
3 Dream Girls Maryam Wells Hyperion
Megan gets a job as a back-up singer for popstar pretty-boy Nick Rush. She goes on a 7-week tour leaving Jenny alone in Los Angeles, where an she spends time with Jake Nelson.
4 Going All the Way Maryam Wells Hyperion
Jenny spends time with Jake; Megan decides to take Michelle's love life into her own hands.
5 Awards Night Maryam Wells Hyperion
Jenny and Jake attend an awards dinner in Michelle's place.
6 O Come All Ye Faithful Maryam Wells Hyperion
The twins try to make it home through the rain for the holidays.
7 Paul's Birthday Maryam Wells Hyperion
Jenny decides to start spending time with Paul but she's keeping her guard up. And still very unhappy with school, Megan is on the verge of quitting. 
8 Valentine's Surprise Maryam Wells Hyperion
The twins get a gig in a Valentine's Day TV Movie, but Jenny worries that being in the movie would jeopardized her future at Poise.
9 The Boy Next Door Maryam Wells Hyperion
Michelle is nominated for an award, but after losing so many times, she choses to send Luke in her place. He chooses Jenny as his "friend" date, but both come home wondering if they could be more than just friends.
10 September Song Maryam Wells Hyperion
As her wedding anniversary approaches, Michelle is feeling sad and unappreciated by the girls. To make Michelle feel better, the girls, with their limited budget, take her to a rustic cabin in Big Bear, Califorina. The cabin turns out to be a little more rustic than they had imagined and a sudden snow storm alters everyone's outdoor plans
11 Old Movies Maryam Wells Hyperion
An old movie on TV inspires the housemates to imagine themselves in their favorite old movies.
12 Where's Mom and Dad Maryam Wells Hyperion
Mom and Dad makes a surprise visit to Los Angeles to see the twins. Dad disapproves of their new lives and demands they move back home to Santa Mira. Jenny reluctantly obeys her father and prepares to leave Los Angeles. Megan resists and has no plans to join her sister. Will the twins split up for the first time in their lives?

Second ArcEdit

# Title Author Publisher Date
1 Jenny Returns Maryam Wells Hyperion
Jenny returns to Los Angeles after convincing her parents to let her finish her semester at Los Angeles College. She is back with her sister and is hired as an junior reporter for the Los Angeles Star and gets involved with an allegation that the police reporter for the paper is covering up a scandal; Megan gets an audition for a movie about a young actress who was murdered by an obessed fan, which scares Megan about pursuing her dream of making it as an actress.
2 Hostage Maryam Wells Hyperion
A gunman takes hostages (Including Jenny) in the newsroom after reading about how his brother supposedly got killed during a robbery.
3 The Jennifer Garrison School of Broadcast Journalism Maryam Wells Hyperion
Jenny's journalism mentor from her high school days has retired, to combat inactivity he comes to Los Angeles to open a journalism school using her name. 
4 Elizabeth's Secret Diary Francine Pascal Hyperion
Elizabeth's adventure after Todd Wilkins moved away. Reviews events from Sweet Valley High books twenty through thirty. 
5 Jessica's Secret Diary Francine Pascal Hyperion
Events from Sweet Valley High books thirty through forty are seen from Jessica's viewpoint. 
6 Return of the Evil Twin Francine Pascal Hyperion
Margo's twin sister, Nora, seeks revenge on Jessica and Elizabeth for her twin's death. She discovers that her sister was alive the whole time and was in hiding. Nora soon discovers there more to Margo than meets the eye and she sees how evil she truly is. 
7 Elizabeth's Secret Diary Volume II Francine Pascal Hyperion
Elizabeth Wakefield has never felt so panicked! She's supposed to be completely in love with Todd, but all she can think about is Jeffrey. She broke up with Jeffrey because Todd moved back from Vermont... and she wanted to give their love another chance. Elizabeth loves Todd, but she can't keep pretending that her feelings for Jeffrey have stopped. When Elizabeth sees a forlorn Jeffrey at the Dairy Burger, she has to talk to him. Who knows what will happen? And what if Todd finds out? 
8 Jessica's Secret Diary Volume II Francine Pascal Hyperion
A romance blooms between Todd and Jessica while Todd is still in Vermont. 
9 Elizabeth's Secret Diary Volume III Francine Pascal Hyperion
Sam Woodruff+Elizabeth=A secret fling down the drain 
10 Jessica's Secret Diary Volume III Francine Pascal Hyperion
A movie director is offering her the star role in a movie! 
11 The Fowlers of Sweet Valley Francine Pascal Hyperion
The story of the ancestors of Lila Fowler. 
12 Last Day Ever Francine Pascal Hyperion
While interning at WJN-TV, Allison fills in for an field reporter in the Fire story.