The friendship between Jenny Healy and Stephanie Dilton began when Jenny accepted Stephanie as her fashion design prodigy in the DT:TNS three episode, Prodigy

Jenny and Robin
General Information
Nickname None 
Intimacy Level Mentor/Prodigy, Friends
Friendship Started Double Trouble: The New Sisters
Friendship Status Friends

Friendship HistoryEdit

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  • They share a lot of similarites with each other
    • They are both the sensible twin to their feisty sister.
    • Both are one half of a twin (Stephanie is Terri's twin and Jenny is Megan's twin).
    • Both wrote for The Odyssey while in high school
    • Both written an article without checking the facts.
    • Both were once engaged while still in high school (Stephanie was engaged to Josh Taylor and Jenny was engaged to Paul Porter).
    • Both survived disasterious events at their schools (Stephanie survived a school school fire at Kennedy High, while Jenny survived a Thunderstorm that destroyed half of Leawood High). 
    • Both were the sensible one to their twin's annoyance.
  • Jenny was Stephanie's mentor.
  • Jenny and her sister, Megan attended Leawood High with Stephanie's parents Marvin and Laurie and were friends with them.