The Jennifer-Troy Relationship between Jennifer Campbell and Troy Marino developed prior to the Double Trouble: All Grown Up series

Troy & Jennifer
General Information
Nickname Joy, Trennifer 
Intimacy Level Husband/Wife
Started Dating Prior to Double Trouble: All Grown Up series 
Dating Status Married

Relationship HistoryEdit

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Troy Marino (Married)

  • First Relationship
    • Start Up: Prior to the Double Trouble: All Grown Up series 
    • Break Up: Maybe, Baby
      • Reason: Troy cheats on Jennifer with a fellow lawyer.
  • Second Relationship
    • Start Up: Birthin'
    • Married since  


  • Met prior to the All Grown Up series.
  • They have two daughters together.
  • Jennifer's twin sister, Madison is the only one who disliked Troy.
  • Both Troy and Jennifer are of Italian descent.
  • Both live in Los Angeles.
  • After marrying Troy, Jennifer was nicknamed, Mrs. Marino or her full name, Jennifer Campbell-Marino.