The Healy Residence

Address: 3914 Colden Drive.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Erin and Michelle's house is designed to be "a nod to new Americana - picture perfect on the outside, but so much turmoil on the inside." She wanted to make it look like Mrs. Healy was responsible for the design of the home, especially the kitchen, where everything looks flawless and in place. Kamerman mentions that there was a direct note from the network to make sure the color palette for the Healy house was cooler than those for the other homes.

The childhood photos of the twins are real pictures of Keaton and Kylie Tyndall when they was younger.


  • Nathan Healy - Dentist
  • Tess Healy - Event Planner
  • Megan Healy - Daughter
  • Jenny Healy - Daughter
  • Luke Healy - Son

The BedroomEdit

Despite having different personalities, Megan and Jenny share a bedroom together. Jenny has a picture of her boyfriend, Paul Porter next to her bed on her nightstand. Megan has a photo of her and Jenny from 4th grade, where the two were wearing matching outfits. They both have one night stand with a lamp. The top drawer of the night stand has Megan's pink diary, nail polishes, and fashion magazines and the bottom drawer has Jenny's blue diary and school supplies. The bedroom was changed numerous times during the series; in the beginning, the twins' beds were in front of their closet and closer to the bedroom door; then the beds were faced in front of the bedroom door and the closet of on its' side; Then Megan moved her bed to it's original place from the first arc and Jenny's bed stayed were it was at.


  • Dining Room
  • Campbell House Exterior