Dori Wallace is an fictional character in the Twin Diaries series. She was the first arch-enemy of twins, Megan and Jenny Healy. As the former student body president and cheer squad captain, Dori was shown to be an overachiever, sometimes seeming to overwork herself, trying to reach the best of her ability.

Character ProfileEdit

Dori was one of the first Queen Bees in the Double Trouble series. She was always gossiping about someone, and their problems. She even judged people on their appearances. She rivaled with the Healy Twins over boys, popularity, and other stuff. She competed with Megan over best dressed, boys, and their jobs in the school newspaper. She also competed with Megan's twin, Jenny over shy poet, Max Dillard and the spot on the girls' soccer team.


  • Dori only appeared in the prequel, Twin Diaries.
  • She was described as an judgmental overachiever.
  • Like Double Trouble character, Sage McConnell, Dori is popular, self-centered and rivals with the Healy twins.