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Kate and Allison enter a bowling tournament against the reigning Los Angeles Lanes champ Sonia Martinez. Kate raises the stakes by making a bet with Sonia for Jack, Allison's crush. Before the showdown, Allison injures his wrist. Sabrina Coles is ready to replace her but she was banned from the bowling after a heated arguement from Sonia a year before the twins transferred to Santa Mira High. So Sabrina disguises herself as a brunette and under the name "Kiki," she helps Kate win the championship. At the awards ceremony, Jack develops a crush on "Kiki." Sabrina reveals her identity and she and Kate are disqualified. Jack prevails on her father to forgo Sabrina's banishment making making her and Kate the winners of the bet and the tourney's prize, a jet ski. Meanwhile at the Lighthouse, Allison tries to save Emma's hamster from extermination.

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