Billy Gellar is the fictional character in the Twin Diaries series.


Billy was a student who attended Lincoln Middle School. From the beginning to the end of the series, he was in grade th to the 8th. He was also big into sports, he loves skateboarding and surfing. He was friends with Max Dillard, a shy poet. He and his cousin, Ashley Wagner often hang out with each other, especially with Lisa Wu and twins, Megan and Jenny Garrison.

Twin DiariesEdit

He is sweet, naive, innocent, and dopey, just like his cousin, Ashley. He is very similar to Ashley, except she is more bubbly. He is ditzy and looks like he is on another planet, always staring into space.

We find out nothing about Billy, except that he was a skateborder and a surfer, and that many girls automatically had a crush on him, just because he is a model, especially school snob, Dori Wallace. Fellow student, Megan Garrison developed a crush on him. But unlike Dori, who flirted with him, Megan was rather nice towards him. He also was nice towards her.

Dori becomes jealous of Megan's crush on him and tries to get Billy to go out with her. He is clueless about it until Ashley explains to him that Dori was flirting to steal him away from Megan.

In the 8th grade, Billy developed feelings for Megan as he tries to woo her by sending her Valentine's Day