Ashley Wagner is a Leawood resident who attended Leawood Middle School in the Twin Diaries series. She is peppy and friendly, but air-headed at times, especially when it comes to boys or her looks. She is friends with the Lisa Wu and the Healy twins.


Ashley was a student at Leawood Middle School in the Twin Diaries series. She was in grades 7-8. She is Greek-American. Her best friends is Lisa Wu and the Foster twins (Megan and Jenny). She was constantly teased for her perky personality by Dori Wallace.


Ashley's mother's name is Melina Courakos-Wagner.

Twin Diaries seriesEdit

Ashley is introduced in the Twin Diaries series as a 7th grader and a good friend of both the Foster twins and their longtime friend, Lisa Wu. Although she's friends with Jenny, Ashley has a lot in common with Jenny's twin, Megan. They loved gossiping about boys and fashion. Megan lets Ashley borrow some of her trendy clothes. When Megan developed a crush on Billy Gellar, their classmate at school, Ashley felt scared for Billy because they were cousins. When Megan and Ashley see that their teachers kissing in the hallway, they each told Jenny and Lisa. Ashley and Megan often work on the school newspaper with Jenny and Lisa. Ashley was there for Jenny after she learns that Max cheated on her with Dori.

Ashley is a grade 8. When Ashley and Billy have a conversation about her weight, he makes a comment, and Ashley takes it the wrong way, so she wants to lose weight.. She talks to Megan and Jenny about becoming anorexic, and bulimic, but the twins tell her the dangers of those two diseases. At the end of that episode she tells Simon that she will not change for him, but he obviously has no idea what that rant was about. Ashley, Lisa, and the twins graduate from Leawood Middle School. Ashley went away to a private school and the twins went to Leawood High School, Lisa moved to Japan.


  • Like Megan, Ashley is a fan of boys and fashion.
  • She is the first character in the Double Trouble Twins saga, the second was Chelsea Owens.
  • She is friends with both twins, Megan and Jenny, and Lisa Wu.
  • She has the same name as an American Figure Skater, Ashley Wagner.